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Blazer Pairings: What is a Blazer’s Place in Your Wardrobe?

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March 9, 2023 2:05:57 PM PST March 9, 2023 2:05:57 PM PSTth, March 9, 2023 2:05:57 PM PST

Blazer Pairings: What is a Blazer’s Place in Your Wardrobe?

How to Wear a Blazer Casually

What is a blazer? You might think a blazer and a suit jacket are the same thing, but — spoiler alert — they may look similar, but they serve a completely different purpose in each wardrobe. A blazer is generally less formal and used for a diverse list of occasions. The blazer was fashioned for a rowing club in 1825. They were called the red “blazers” of the Lady Margaret Boat Club and their blazers were made of bright red material. You’ll also find that blazers are generally part of uniform attire for groups that want to look professional and cohesive, like airline employees, schools, sports clubs, and more. But that’s not the only reason to wear a blazer!

Blazers can also elevate and enhance your everyday wardrobe ensembles. If you’re wondering how to wear a blazer casually, Alton Lane can help you figure out your best options. Learn more about what a blazer is and how you can incorporate it into everyday attire here!


Basic Blazer Rules

Now that you know what a blazer is and that you can wear it for your daily ensembles, it’s time to explore a few blazer basics, so you avoid committing a faux pas.

1. Blazer Lengths Should Be Shorter

Traditionally, your blazer hem should sit around your thumb knuckle where the joint meets the palm of your hand. It should cover your backside, but don’t let it get too long because you could end up with weird bulges in random places.

2. Plan Your Blazer Around Layers

A suit for a formal event only needs a dress shirt and possibly a tie to accommodate it. The rules are a bit different when it comes to blazers. Because of what a blazer is, it serves as casual outerwear. This means you might need to fit multiple pieces under your blazer, including shirts, vests, knitwear, and more, one on top of the other — especially when it gets colder.

3. Get Creative with Blazer Fabrics & Patterns

How you wear a blazer casually could mean playing fast and loose with unique patterns and fabrics. Stripes, checks, and plaid are all well and good, but what about a vibrant paisley print or a unique corduroy fabric? Let your blazer make a statement — especially when you wear it over jeans or other casual clothing.

4. Have More Than One

Knowing what a blazer is for means incorporating it into your everyday wear, so you definitely need more than one. If you like to mix and match styles and colors, you’ll need a blazer that works as outerwear with every ensemble. Having three to five different styles in your wardrobe ensures you have something that goes with every aesthetic.

Men’s Blazer Combos

Now that you know what a blazer is, it’s time to start experimenting with how to wear a blazer casually. Check out some winning combinations for work, dates, and other relaxed events.

1. Blazer + Casual Shirt + 5 Pockets

We all generally know how to wear a blazer in more formal settings. However, if you’re like the average man wearing your blazer casually can quickly go awry. 

First and foremost, leave the suit jacket in the closet. A suit jacket is meant to be paired with suit pants. It’s not a blazer. So buy yourself a good set of blazers…a few that have some pop and at least one to two that you can wear day in and day out.

Second, go for a more casual shirt — larger patterns and prints — unbutton the collar and go down one more button if your inner Don Johnson needs to come out. 

Finally, instead of bringing out the dress slacks, pair your look with your favorite five pockets — or chinos. While some men will wear their shirts untucked, we recommend keeping the tail tucked inside. It’s always a cleaner look and you’ll never be confused with a sloppy dresser.

2. Blazer + Sweater + Chinos

Are you looking for an outfit that says “casual Friday” or makes you look smart for a Saturday brunch? Look no further than pairing stylish chinos and Made in the USA 3D Printed Sweaters with one of our light plaid or textured blazers. The safest bet is to go with our crew neck option but if you’re looking for some West Coast flair, our hoodies are a great fit. Keep your shoes casual with sneakers instead of loafers or boots. Clean, casual, modern. Head to toe.

3. Blazer + Polo + Trousers

This is a look that looks far more formal with a blazer. Keep your blazer dark and simple and let your polo do the talking with a statement color or classic pattern. Allow the combination of color and the mixture of textures to create visual interest with contrasting shades for a smooth finish.

Blazers: No Fuss, No Muss

Knowing what a blazer is provides you with a lot more versatility in your wardrobe. Make it an essential and introduce accessories to elevate or relax your look. Textured fabrics, unique colors, and patterned shirts all play a part in creating the optimal ensemble for every occasion. Your newfound blazer can make you look suave and sophisticated.

Customizing Your Blazers

Now that you know what a blazer is and how to fit one into your wardrobe, you can start shopping for appropriate styles for your lifestyle. At Alton Lane, we always recommend a custom blazer because you want it to fit you just right. With us ordering a custom blazer is easy. 

You can enjoy the tailored experience all from the comfort of your couch with our special tailoring algorithm that ensures the perfect fit. The best part is choosing the customizations. All of our blazer customizations are meant to allow you to express your own sense of style. There is no such thing as bad or good customization or color. All of our options are designed to complement each other. 

Your customizations can be shared with others or you can choose to enjoy them on your own. Now, all you have to consider are the fine details, like color, pattern, lining, piping, and even monogramming!

Start shopping now to discover what we have in store, or book a virtual appointment to get a little extra guidance from our stylists.