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Good question! Full transparency, we find the term at times confusing and often overused or misused. So we stear away from it altogether. In reality, there are specific differences between 'bespoke', 'custom' and 'MTM'. And we're happy to discuss those with you if that's of interest. But the best way to think about our product is as 'custom' in that we create every piece one at time just for you. We don't even cut the fabric until your order is placed. So every one of our custom pieces is a true 1 of 1. It's not rocket science but it's pretty close...

Our digital custom made-to-measure technology, all you need to do is input your weight, height and body size to create a fully custom made garment that fits you perfectly. Have questions? Reach out to our virtual customer service.

We know you have style, but it is always nice to have help with the latest sartorial trends. That's where we love to assist: drop our style team a line with whatever questions you have and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Alton Lane works only with the highest quality imported wools, linens, cashmere and Egyptian, Pima, and Sea Island cottons. Whatever you order, you can rest assured it will look and feel great. If you are ever near one of our showrooms, please feel free to book a private appointment, where you can feel all of our fabrics.

Here at Alton Lane, our method of measuring is quite unique to our process, so please be sure to follow our Measurement Guide as closely as possible. Our level of accuracy is directly related to the information you provide and the measurements you submit. Please set up a virtual appointment with one of our stylists and they will walk you through our measurement guide. Your stylists will review the measurement guide with you.

All of our transactions are completed with a secure SSL encrypted credit card processor, which ensures that all of your information stays private and secure.

Please visit our Returns page for more information.

Your privacy is important to us at Alton Lane. We protect your information so that we can best meet your needs and make your shopping experience as convenient as possible every time you come back to Alton Lane. We will never sell any of your personal information to a third party. View Privacy Policy.

It is our mission to provide excellent service to all customers, past, present, and future. If you live with a disability (visual or physical impairments) that makes visiting our showrooms or browsing our website difficult, we are happy to offer concierge service to suit your needs. Please call our Customer Experience team at (888) 800-8616 or email

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RTW: Stands for Ready to Wear. It is the term for ready-made garments, sold in finished condition in standardized sizes. AL4U: Customer answers 3 simple body type questions (height, weight, body shape) the algorithm creates a 3D visual representation of the customer's body. MTM: Made to Measure garments are made specifially with your unique measurements.

Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team using chat, your stylist, or contact Customer Service at or (888) 800-8616 to obtain your internal credit amount.

We offer over 10,000 fabrics from world-renowned mills such as Loro Piana, Scabal and Gladson. You will work with your Stylist to determine which fabric is best for you.

Our garments are produced from all over the world--U.S., Europe, & Asia.

For RTW products, please refer to the care instructions on the garment. For suiting and blazers, we recommend dry cleaning your garments twice a year.

We are proud to offer one of the broadest range of price points for our customers in the industry. Whether you are looking for a lux Italian Blazer or entry level dress shirt for your first day of work, we have you covered. You can purchase Alton Lane here on our website, in one of our beautiful showrooms or in a number of luxury retailers across the US.

Our showrooms offer our full range of product and pricing including our Made-to-Measure (exclusive to showrooms) and Alton Lane For You Collections. Across our Made-to-Measure Collection we offer Suiting, Tuxedos, Separates, Shirting, Footwear and a full range of casual products including 5 pockets, chinos, polos, camp shirts and shorts. Our pricing ranges from entry to ultra lux. Live Chat with us now to learn more about the one-on-one showroom experience with our best in class stylists!

Our leading edge Alton Lane For You Collection offers a range of pricing across the core categories of menswear. Out entry level Alton Lane for You shirting starts at $99, Suiting $399, Tuxedos $499, Blazers $299, and Trousers, $149. Pricing goes up from there with an exceptional array of fabrics.

During a showroom appointment, our stylists will work with you in person to design new garments for your wardrobe. During that time, we will talk through customization options, take a variety of hand measurments and talk through fit preferences. Our garments typically take 2-4 weeks, depending on the fabric selected. Once your garments arrive at our showroom, we will contact you and schedule a fitting. During your fitting, we will make any needed altertations. Our appointments typically last about 60 mins.

Wherever your location, we'll meet in a virtual call to design the perfect garment. You can also book this time to review any existing garments in a virtual fitting.

During your fitting, we will walk through the fit of your garments and ensure they are exactly to your preferences. Any needed alterations will typically take about 7 business days. Our fittings typically last 30 mins.


The specifications of your order can be checked by speaking with our Customer Experience team. Please feel free reach out to your stylist or contact Customer Service at or (888) 800-8616 for any changes to be applied. In order to hit our two week or less timeline, we produce orders within one hour of receipt. If we do not hear from you within 1 hour, the details of your order will be officially confirmed. Please note that any changes can impact your delivery time. All options can be changed within 1 hour from the time of purchase with our Customer Experience team.

Alton Lane calculates ground service shipping on your order in the following way: "Per Shipment" Cost + "Per Item" Cost = Total Shipping Cost.

Round 1 or Non-custom: $10
Round 2 (if applicable): $8

Blazer, Trouser, Shirt, Tie: $3
Suit, Tuxedo, Overcoat: $5

Effective as of February 1, 2022

You can log into your account and view tracking information or reach out to our customer service team at

We always strive to consolidate shipments but due to the nature of our custom products and our relationships with factories all over the world you should expect to receive mutiple shipments when ordering products from different categories.

There are a lot of custom clothiers out there that offer only package deals or have minimum orders. At Alton Lane we appreciate that sometimes all you need is an extra shirt or blazer. As such, all of our clothing can be ordered individually.

Alton Lane accepts all major credit cards. Please note that all orders will be processed once payment is received.


If you are satisfied with your custom-made garment, but it needs a tweak here or there, we are happy to assist with alterations. In the event that you ordered through a showroom, please book a fitting at any showroom, and our stylists will personally assist in your alterations. If that is not a feasible option you can either take the garment to your favorite tailor or we can refer you to one.

Alterations are covered by Alton Lane for thirty (30) days upon receipt of the garment.

Our patterns are algorithmically based; we only perform key alterations to our garments. As a result, we will only cover the post-production alteration costs of this set list of alterations. Please refer to the list in the fine print. There are no exceptions to the alteration list, as we will not be able to replicate these alterations in future orders.

In select locations, we offer ready-to-wear suits and shirts. We only offer complimentary alterations to our trousers; waist and hem. Ready-to-wear jackets and shirts are sold as-is and are not subject to our alteration offerings.

In the case that alterations and/or a remake do not result in a garment that fits your individual style we will offer a refund. For further details or to begin the process, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Our standard delivery timeframe is 2 weeks. For events and occasions, please be sure to place your order 4-6 weeks in advance, as delivery timelines may fluctuate throughout the year. This will also allow time for alterations if needed.

Upon arrival, please inspect your garments carefully and report any damages to the Alton Lane Customer Experience Team within 30 days. While we offer only the finest fabrics in the world, to ensure the highest quality garments possible, we cannot be held liable for damages caused by personal wear. Additionally, we recommend that you purchase an extra pair of trousers for each suit purchase to increase longevity!


Alton Lane gift cards are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund. Remaining balances on gift card purchases will remain available for future purchases under the same gift card number. Please contact Customer Service to review your current balance at any time. Alton Lane is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards.


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