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Precisely yours.

Alton Lane is going to change the way you think of suits. Imagine a fit that is perfectly in tune to your body. We design every stitch, every dart, and every millimeter based on an algorithmic body scan of your measurements. Then, you choose the luxe fabrics and fine detailing yourself so that it's personalized down to the smallest detail. The result is a bespoke suit without the hassle and expense of flying to Savile Row. Now everybody can experience the transformative power of bespoke clothing. If you've never worn a custom suit, you've never worn a suit. Alton Lane is here to make it happen.

How It Works


Yours and yours alone. Our suits and shoes are made from scratch with the best materials and trimmings. Each piece is individually cut and constructed using patterns chosen to perfectly fit your form. You'll notice the difference from head to toe as soon as you put them on.

Feel Bespoke

Stop by any Alton Lane showroom or book an appointment above to meet our amazing style experts. Experience what it's like to wear clothes that are precisely fitted to the millimeter. Custom-fitted, custom-made, seriously special — there's no going back once you're tried this.



Every detail counts when a suit is made bespoke. It starts with the fabric. We buy direct from the best mills in the world. You get access to the highest quality without paying any retail markups for it. Since every measurement is uniquely yours, nothing gets rushed or mass produced. Master tailors shepherd the suit from inception to delivery while meticulously verifying the smallest details. You can tell the difference immediately. All of the quality of the world's finest suits, custom tailored and at a fraction of the price.


Partner with the Best

Don't have time for a sourcing trip to Europe? Don't worry, we've done the legwork for you. We partner with the world's best mills like Loro Piana, Scabal, Gladson and Albini. These aren't just names, they're legendary markers of quality that any tailor worth his salt venerates. Our products are made from the same luxury fabrics as the big guys, we just leave out the brand. The result is you get the best of the best for a fraction of the cost. And it's all ethical and made to order: no waste, no compromises.