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7 Groomsmen Attire Ideas - Because Let's Be Real...They Need Your Help

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March 9, 2023 1:43:14 PM PST March 9, 2023 1:43:14 PM PSTth, March 9, 2023 1:43:14 PM PST

7 Groomsmen Attire Ideas - Because Let's Be Real...They Need Your Help

Best Groomsmen Suits

Just like the bridal party, the groomsmen have to make their own big decisions on what to wear. Groomsmen should be better dressed than the rest of the guests, but they still can’t outshine the groom. It’s a balance between dress code, venue, season, and style for everyone.

If you’re wondering how you can explore some groomsmen attire ideas that will ensure all the guys look good and fit in with the theme and venue, Alton Lane has the guide to get you started. We’ll explore a few classic and contemporary styles that may inspire your wedding party and ensure you exude an effortless elegance that fits right into your wedding theme.

As a groom, communicating with your men about attire ideas is key. You want everyone to look their best on the big day and maintain a cohesive element with the entire group. If you’re a groomsman looking for ideas, consider what the groom and bride envision before approaching them with additional groomsmen attire ideas.

Ready to start exploring? First, read this essential guide on seasons, settings, and formality levels before jumping into some style inspiration.

Style Suit vs. Tuxedo

The first question that a bride and groom must determine is the age-old question of Suits vs. Tuxedos. Both have positives and drawbacks. 

The Tuxedo

The most elegant and traditional way to dress is to select a tuxedo for you and your groomsmen. Wearing a tuxedo means that you and your groomsmen will look incredibly sharp, but there are a few more decisions that you will need to make. You and your bride will need to think through all of the accessories and communicate what those accessories are and where your groomsmen will buy or rent the accessories that are needed. 

Some common decisions for a tuxedo are a vest vs. a cummerbund vs. a more modern look of neither. You almost always need to pair cufflinks and sometimes suspenders with a tuxedo. Will your groomsmen all wear patent leather or regular leather shoes? Regardless of all the decisions, it’s certain that if you choose a classic black tuxedo or navy tuxedo you and your groomsmen will look fantastic.

The Suit

The best part about choosing a suit is that you have much fewer decisions. All you need to think about is suit color, shirt color, matching shoes, ties, and either a matching belt or no belt. It’s common for a bride and groom to choose a suit when they are looking to cultivate a slightly less formal look. You can also comfortably step out with interesting fabrics for suits that are not possible with some of the more traditional fabric choices available for Tuxedos.


One of the ways to find the best groomsmen suits for any wedding is to pay attention to the season. Each season has definitive colors and materials that ensure your suits are stylish and practical. Some of the most basic guides for the seasons include:

  • Fall: Tweed or Corduroy in Navy or Burgundy
  • Winter: Wool or Herringbone in Black or Brown
  • Spring: Cotton in Grey or Green
  • Summer: Linen in Khaki or Tan

Darker colors are often more appropriate for winter and fall while lighter colors and fabrics are appropriate for spring and summer weddings. 


From carefree beach weddings to traditional church weddings, the venue has a lot to do with the outfit you choose to wear. As you develop your groomsmen attire ideas, consider what might be most appropriate for the location. Cowboy boots may look great at a rustic farm venue but really out of place on the beach, while Hawaiian dress shirts could be the perfect look for a beach wedding but fall flat in a traditional ceremony. 

Formality Level

Is the wedding a black-tie event in an elevated venue, or is it a last-minute affair in someone’s backyard? The formality of the wedding is critical to keep in mind for your groomsmen attire ideas. Formality may determine if your groomsmen need jackets, if you should wear cummerbunds or vests, and if you even need a tie!

While finding the best groomsmen suits is important, you’ll also need to consider how the accessories elevate or demote the look. Everything from the shoes and belt to pocket squares and boutonnieres will have an effect in bringing the outfit together.

A wedding is a very personalized thing and the attire should reflect the personality of the groom and the bride.

All Black

For many grooms, black is the starting point of their search. It’s basic, formal, and classic. Even better, you don’t have to worry about whether the color looks good with various skin tones and hair colors — black goes with everyone and everything. It’s a sophisticated choice for a traditional wedding. The only downside for black groomsmen attire ideas is they can be a little boring, stern, and drab — not at all ideal if you want to show off a little personality for your wedding. Consider choosing a material that has an interesting texture. Or keep the fabric smooth and classic and add accessories that reflect something unique.

Grey Guys

Black can be a little too basic for some and white may outshine the bride, so grey is the perfect balance for so many wedding themes. Light grey is an ideal compromise because it works for everything from beach weddings to garden weddings and even casual indoor venues. You can increase the formality of this groomsmen attire idea with accessories like ties and pocket squares or make them even more casual by wearing just suspenders or vests.

Natural Tones

No matter the season you’re getting married, natural tones are a great go-to choice for groomsmen attire ideas. You can lean into any seasonal palette with colors that match nature. Consider burgundy and umber hues to match the earth and leaves for autumn or stunning greens to match grassy fields and other botanicals in spring and summer.

Rustic Vibes

A rustic wedding theme is definitely one that’s more casual and playful. You might go a little old-timey with the same suspenders and pocket watch your grandfather would have worn. Or you could be feeling something that’s more 20th-century rustic with vests and jeans or cowboy hats and boots to complement your suit. Whatever casual or vintage style catches your eye, we love rustic groomsmen attire ideas for outdoor weddings.

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are also a good time to explore more casual fabrics, prints, and silhouettes for your groomsmen. Khaki and tan are incredibly popular for suit colors, as are fun printed dress shirts and sandals. You might also consider bringing the beach theme into your accessories with special touches like starfish, shells, and nautical ribbons for boutonnieres. 

Printed Liners

No matter what suit color you end up with for your groomsmen, you can always elevate the look with patterned lining in the interior of the jacket. It’s a subtle flair of elegance that adds a touch of personality and fun to your groomsman attire ideas. If you’re customizing your suit through Alton Lane, you’ll see a variety of lining options that might catch your eye, including Starry Night, Multi-Color Skulls, Paisley Patterns, Fleur de Lis Designs, and much more.

Groom Mismatch

If you don’t love the idea of blending in with your groomsmen, consider differentiating yourself by altering small elements in your ensemble that reflect your personalized style. Some grooms like to choose unique belts, ties, or socks that create a subtle but diversified look. You might also consider picking your own unique dress shirt, which will stand out as your groomsmen line up behind you at the altar.

Customize Everything

Choosing the best groomsman suits for your wedding party is a whole lot easier when you can customize every part and order everything altogether. At Alton Lane, we make tailoring and customizing your suits simple with wedding party packages that ensure everyone in your wedding party looks their best — even if they live scattered across the country!

Learn more about our wedding packages and virtual appointments, and make sure everyone’s suited up with unique groomsmen attire ideas today!