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Our Virtual Appointments are all about you. Simply book a time slot with your preferred stylist as you would a normal appointment. We’ll reach out in advance to get a sense of what your needs are and then start to gather some digital swatches to recommend. We can connect over the phone or through Video Chat, email or text.


With many of us spending a lot more time at home, now may be a good time to go through your closet and evaluate your needs. Let our style experts help. We’ll do a virtual walk through of your closet, help determine what to keep and identify any gaps.


No matter your style preferences, location, or budget, our stylists are available online to help you with a Virtual Appointment or complimentary Closet Review. Work with someone that's helped you before, or meet someone new! No matter your needs, there's an Alton Lane Stylist that's ready to help.

carlos herrera


Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Current City: Miami, FL
Personal Style: Classic with a touch of modern. I will design clothes to express all aspects of your personality.
Fun Fact: I have lived in Switzerland, Mexico, and Spain.

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Hometown: Houston, TX
Current City: Houston, TX
Personal Style: "People will stare. Make it worth their while."
- Harry Winston
Fun Fact: In a simulator, I have successfully landed the Space Shuttle.

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Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Current City: Washington, DC
Personal Style: Modern contemporary with a conservative twist and boho edge. It's important to have fun with your wardrobe but also collect classic staples.
Fun Fact: I'm a huge animal lover.

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matt schork


Hometown: Monroe, NJ
Current City: Philadelphia, PA
Personal Style: Clean and understated classic pieces with just enough attitude and edge to inspire curiosity.
Fun Fact: While in Beijing, I was mistaken for Chris Evans, so I just posed for pictures and signed autographs.

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katherine howell


Hometown: Suffolk, VA
Current City: Richmond, VA
Personal Style: Contemporary style with a sleek design that borrows elements of traditional and modern.
Fun Fact: My dog has been in commercials.

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kelly nordstrom


Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
Current City: Charlottesville, VA
Personal Style: Understated and carefully curated. Find colors that spark joy, and when everything fits, the rest can be effortless.
Fun Fact: Really good at finding 4-leaf clovers.

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johno burke


Hometown: Richmond, VA
Current City: Richmond, VA
Personal Style: Classic with a touch of color and pattern- My go-to is a clean, tailored suit for the day then a fun sports jacket in the evening.
Fun Fact: I'm an avid golfer.

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christina secola


Hometown: Cape Cod, MA
Current City: New York, NY
Personal Style: Sartorial stylist. Trained first as a tailor and pattern maker, I pride myself on a clean, sophisticated fit.
Fun Fact: Used to be an embroidery designer.

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gerard darcy


Hometown: Foxborough, MA
Current City: Boston, MA
Personal Style: Whether it is adding a piece to the wardrobe, or a complete closet overhaul, I specialize in studying current/modern trends and timeless styles.
Fun Fact: I'm a triplet!

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Hometown: Raleigh-Durham, NC
Current City: Charlotte, NC
Personal Style: A classic style with a subtle touch of boldness.My ultimate goal is to help you craft a look that makes you feel like the best dressed in the room.
Fun Fact: I've never watched The Office.

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Hometown: Mays Landing, NJ
Current City: Philadelphia, PA
Personal Style: Creating a sophisticated, modern, and versatile wardrobe which reflects your personality and lifestyle.
Fun Fact: I ran college track!

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Hometown: Lafayette, LA
Current City: Nashville, TN
Personal Style: I love getting to know my clients and helping them express who they are in their wardrobe.
Fun Fact: I love to travel and am working on visiting every MLB stadium.

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caroline neumann


Hometown: Milford, CT
Current City: Raleigh, NC
Personal Style: I love working with sleek and fun patterns and colors to build a wardrobe that fits my customer's style and personality.
Fun Fact: I'm a personal trainer.

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phill mendel

Phill Mendel

Hometown: Westfield, NJ
Current City: Hoboken, NJ
Personal Style: "I don't design clothes, I design dreams" -Ralph Lauren
Fun Fact: I'm a Poker Player.

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zoe koupiaris


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Current City: Dallas, TX
Personal Style: Modern minimalist, paired with timeless pieces, and always an element of surprise. Your wardrobe should fit you literally and figuratively, custom checks both boxes.
Fun Fact: I'm a chef.

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benjamin marks


Hometown: Richmond, VA
Current City: Charlottesville, VA
Personal Style: “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” — Orson Welles
Fun Fact: I've lived in Switzerland, Italy, & Austria.

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dante sanchez


Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Current City: Dallas, TX
Personal Style: Eclectic approach where classic suiting meets rock & roll styling. Not afraid of bold pattern and colors.
Fun Fact: I do leather and denim customization in my free time.

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brendan barraclough


Hometown: Newburyport, MA
Current City: Boston, MA
Personal Style: Sophisticated & Sporty - I prefer wearing full suits over a blazer and trouser combination, and all of my garments are tapered to fit an athletic build.
Fun Fact: I surf year round.

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lauren pike


Hometown: Newport Beach, CA
Current City: Nashville, TN
Personal Style: Classic and timeless with a sophisticated, modern touch. Feeling confident and comfortable is key!
Fun Fact: I'm an avid baker!

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stacie taylor


Hometown: Downingtown, PA
Current City: Raleigh, NC
Personal Style: I tend to guide you to explore textures, patterns, and colors based on your unique personality.
Fun Fact: I've crossed the US 3 times and have been to 44 states.

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pauline odedina


Hometown: Queens, NY
Current City: Atlanta, GA
Personal Style: I subscribe to a minimalist aesthetic and add accessories to personalize my look.
Fun Fact: I spent 6 months in South Africa.

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hannah o'malley


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Current City: New York, NY
Personal Style: Your wardrobe should reflect your unique lifestyle and that is why custom is always the right choice.
Fun Fact: I studied in Florence, Italy.

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