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6 Wedding Suit Styles to Make You Feel Confident on Your Wedding Day

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March 24, 2023 11:16:00 AM PDT March 24, 2023 11:16:00 AM PDTth, March 24, 2023 11:16:00 AM PDT

6 Wedding Suit Styles to Make You Feel Confident on Your Wedding Day

The Best Wedding Suits for Grooms

Your wedding is a big day for you, and wanting to look your best adds a lot of pressure to managing and planning an already stressful event. At Alton Lane, we’re the experts in finding the perfect suit for every occasion, so we’re here to help simplify your life by guiding you through some of the options that will enhance your style, boost your confidence, and guarantee you wow your bride and the crowd during the wedding. If you’re browsing for the best wedding suits for grooms, check out this guide from our experts. 


1. Classic Navy Wool

Versatile, classic, and sophisticated, a navy wool suit is a great choice for any groom. It’s the best wedding suit for grooms because wool is known for temperature regulation and moisture resistance making it very breathable. With our customization options, you can add unique accents like colorful piping or jacket lining all while keeping your style subtle and subdued. You can also let your accessories do the talking with a dramatic boutonniere, standout shoes, and much more.


To ensure you choose the perfect wool blend for the season, browse our new arrivals for styles that will address your comfort year-round. 

2. Textured Styles


A textured fabric does a lot to enhance the look of your suit to make it one of the best wedding suits for a groom. Choosing a textured fabric is also an excellent way to adjust the suit thickness to cater to a specific season. First, consider the time of year you’ll be wearing your suit. Explore appropriate weaves and materials for your location and the weather before moving on to how the texture can intensify your style.


You can use a textured weave on a staple-colored fabric that adds a special touch — or you can add a bold texture to a bold hue to create a unique and showstopping style all your own. Whether you prefer a worsted wool weave to augment a classic grey suit for a fall wedding or a herringbone weave with a pink linen suit for a summer wedding, texture is everything. Explore our custom suits to discover the colors and textures we have available now!


3. Tuxedos

Another option for the best wedding suit for grooms is to ditch subtlety completely and let yourself shine with a custom tuxedo. The bride will look stunningly gorgeous at the wedding — but we believe the groom should also look equally as dashing. Stand next to your partner with pride when you pull out all the stops with a custom tuxedo — cumberbund optional.


We offer tuxedos in more than just black to ensure you find something you love. Browse navy, grey, patterned, and textured styles to make your choice. And don’t forget to order a custom tuxedo shirt to complete your look!


4. Classic & Timeless or Bold & Casual Colors


There’s nothing like a classic color to make you feel impeccably timeless! You can certainly choose a bold and bright color for a more casual wedding suit — like red, green, or pink — but tried and true colors are always a necessity when it comes to a traditional wedding. Keep your wedding color theme in mind when you choose a suit so you don’t clash with the look of your event. At Alton Lane, you’ll be able to find the best wedding suits for grooms in classic colors like black, grey, dark blue, and even brown or burgundy.


5. A Bit of Print

Prints are a great way to balance a simple color with the formality of the occasion. We love printed suits for grooms because they really allow you to show off your personality. You might consider some of the most popular prints to guarantee you’ll be wearing one of the best wedding suits for men, including:


  • Plaid
  • Windowpane
  • Heathered Stripe
  • Pinstripe
  • Sharkskin
  • Birdseye
  • Hopsack


6. A Three-Piece


Another one of the best wedding suits for men and a statement-making style is the three-piece suit. With the addition of a vest underneath your suit jacket, you’re increasing the sense of formality for your wedding from semi-formal to black tie. It doesn’t get any more dapper and dashing than a three-piece suit that’s tailored to fit your measurements!


Shopping Alton Lane

Some of these styles are standalone designs that don’t require any additional details to make them the best wedding suits for grooms, while others can be combined — like a three-piece suit in a bright color or a patterned suit in a textured style. Mix and match or focus on just one feature to make the biggest decision before moving on to customizing the smallest details, including lining, buttons, piping and so much more! With our digital tailoring algorithm and customization guide, you have more control than ever over your look to ensure you’re buying one of the best wedding suits for men.


Shop Alton Lane today, and get your customized suit delivered in as little as two weeks!


Suits for the Whole Party


Whether one of these styles is the best wedding suit for you as a groom or you think they would look better on your groomsmen, Alton Lane can handle it all. With our group ordering options, you can tailor your suit, keep track of everyone’s order, and create a cohesive look for your wedding party — all in one place. Make sure your groomsmen, close family, and best man all know exactly what suit and accessories you want them to wear when you use our wedding tools to organize your order.

Looking for a little more guidance? Schedule a virtual appointment with one of our stylists for personalized assistance!