Oatmeal Sharkskin Trousers

These Super 120s sharkskin trousers are made to last. Versatile enough for year round use, they pair well with a variety of dress shirts, blazers, and sweaters.

WEIGHT: medium
PATTERN: solid
SEASON: year round
STYLING: office casual, business casual

About our Trousers

trousers fabric


Our trouser fabrics come in a variety of weights and patterns and are woven by some of the world’s finest mills. Dormeuil, Vitale Barberis, Scabal and Ariston are just a few of the luxury cloths we offer.

trousers fit

Form and Fit

Each trouser is hand-cut according to your precise measurements, body type and preferences, allowing for both excellent fit and mobility.

Taking your personal comfort into consideration, we use the latest in 3-D technology, along with tried-and-true hand measurements, to ensure the most flattering, tailored fit available.

trousers options

Custom Options

Every element of your trousers can be customized to your preference. From pleats to cuffs to belt loops and side tabs—there are dozens of possibilities when creating a pair of trousers just for you.

trousers care

Garment Care

To ensure the longevity of your trousers, limit dry-cleaning to once a year. For stains, use a spot cleaner. We recommend a proper hanger with a trouser bar for storing.