Alton Lane Founder's Club

Welcome to the Founder's Club. We have worked on the concept behind the Founder's Club for the past several months, with the help of many great customers, and are thrilled to release what we believe is the best membership program in the industry.

Here are only a few of the amazing benefits you will receive as a member:
  • A Complimentary Custom Shirt with your first purchase
  • $100 Gift Card every year on your birthday
  • $100 Voucher Every Season (4 times a year) that can be used towards the custom suit or blazer of your choice
  • A voucher every season (4 times a year) for a Complimentary Lining Upgrade
  • Complimentary Shipping on all orders
  • 20% Off on All Accessories, including ties, bowties, pocket squares, lapel pins, and belts
  • 25% Off an Extra Pair of Trousers when you purchase a suit
  • $50 every year towards a pair of custom shoes

Do you want to gift the Founder's Club to someone special?


About our Suits

Fabric Design


Our fabrics are sourced from the best mills in the world. Dormeuil, Scabal, Zegna, Vitale Barberis and Ariston are just a few of the luxury cloths we have in our arsenal.

Suit Form and Fit

Form and Fit

We are committed to providing you with the best fitting garment possible. Each suit is hand-cut according to your precise measurements, body type and preferences, allowing for both excellent fit and mobility.

We use the latest in 3-D technology, along with tried and true hand measurements, to ensure the most comfortable tailored fit available.

Suit Custom Options

Custom Options

Every element of your suit (seen or unseen) can be customized to your preference. From lapel type and width to buttons, vents, pockets, piping and shape. One thing is sure; no one else will be walking down the street with a suit just like yours.

Suit Garment Care

Garment Care

To get the most longevity out of your suit, there are 3 essential tools: a suit brush, a proper hanger, and a steamer. To preserve the integrity of the fabric, limit dry-cleaning to once a year. For stains, use a spot cleaner. Refrain from storing items (cell phone, keys etc.) in the outer pockets of your jacket to preserve shape.