Five Summer Shirts We’re Taking Into Fall & Winter

fall menswear

Fall usually means blue, grey and brown. It usually means thicker fabrics. Things can get a little boring.

We’re bucking those trends this year. We’re wearing linen blends under sweaters and we’re wearing custom pops of colors with blazers after Thanksgiving.

Here are Five Summer Shirts We’re Taking Into Fall & Winter:

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The Ardent Plaid

Teal, navy and pink are summer colors, but we love the Ardent’s collar peaking through underneath a wool v-neck sweater this autumn and winter.


The Richmond Linen Gingham

Linen is the fabric of summer, but this linen is so rich and the pattern so versatile, that it would be a shame to leave it in the closet until April. Paired with a knit tie and a sharply cut blazer, this is a winning look for all seasons.


The Macdougal Tattersall

Add some vibrancy to dull winter looks with the Macdougal. Pair this red and blue tattersall with a cardigan or a favorite blazer.


The Belmont Tattersall

The Belmont is a large block tattersall in warm colors that will turn heads all year.


The Churchill Plaid

The Churchill Plaid is the year round shirt. Blending winter hues in a summer weight shirt, this is one that you’ll be reaching for from fall all the way through summer.


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