Our fabrics come in a variety of weights and patterns and are woven by some of the world’s finest mills. Dormeuil, Harris Tweed, Vitale Barberis, and Ariston are just a few of the luxury cloths we offer.


Each jacket is hand-cut according to your precise measurements, body type and preferences, allowing for both excellent fit and mobility.

Taking your personal comfort into consideration, we use 3-D technology, along with tried-and-true hand measurements, to insure the most comfortable, tailored fit available.


Every element of your blazer can be customized to your preference. From label type and width to buttons, vents, pockets, piping and shape—there are thousands of possibilities.


For the ultimate protection, there are 3 key tools: a fabric brush, a proper hanger, and a steamer. To preserve the integrity of the fabric, limit dry-cleaning to once a year. For stains, use a spot cleaner. And after wearing a suit, don’t forget to let it air out before putting it away.