At Alton Lane, we believe in the possibility of a better world. For-profit oraganizations have a unique opportunity to bring about positive change by aligning their business goals with the needs of impoverished communities and the philanthropic passions of their customers. We hope you will join us in being leaders in this charge, such that our success can translate into clothing for children in South Africa, mosquito nets for families in Sudan and fresh water for villagers in Ethiopia. To make this a reality, we are committed to investing up to 10% of all profits into social and environmentals initiatives in the communities in which we operate and in the broader world.


We are in the process of talking with a number of philanthropic organizations about how we can help support current and upcoming projects around the world. Check back with us to hear about some of the exciting initiatives going on and see how you can get involved. Are you involved in a development project that needs support? We would love to hear form you. Send us an email at charity@altonlane.com and let us know how we might be able to help.


We are working with a number of philanhropic oragnizations both domestically and internationally to bring about lasting change in the world, Check back with us as we unveil our partner directory.